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Student Support Policy


Cayman International School offers limited services to meet the needs of Elementary and Secondary students who need support, assistance, or further instruction in order to be successful in the regular academic program. Trained and experienced instructors provide educational intervention to students identified as needing support in their academic course work. Some of these students may have a diagnosed learning difference that calls for an Individual Education Program (IEP). The goal of our student support program is to allow students with special needs to achieve meaningful success at CIS within the regular classroom.



The CIS Support Model

The model adopted by Cayman International School is guided by our:

• Philosophy – to endeavor that each student has the opportunity to strive for his or her personal best;

• Principles – to strive to identify and provide for the learner who is experiencing difficulties. 

• Procedures– to develop an appropriate and timely response in order to address the needs of the student requiring support.


CIS Definition of Student Support Needs

Cayman International School recognizes that children have learning styles that differ from one another. For some children individual needs may be addressed with the help of a teacher trained in the field of special education.

A child may qualify for support services at CIS if he or she:

• has significantly greater difficulty achieving learning outcomes than the majority of children in his or her age group or grade level.

• has a mild learning disability which either prevents or hinders access to lessons, activities, or facilities.

A child must not be regarded as having a learning difficulty solely because the language or dialect spoken within their family is different from the language taught within class.

Cayman International School recognizes that there is a continuum of special educational needs which should be reflected in a continuum of services. Only in a small minority of cases will a child have special educational needs of a severity or complexity that require an I.E.P.  Instruction is centered on providing students with small group assistance with their course work, strengthening of students’ organizational skills and the development of learning strategies.

The student support program at CIS is committed to helping students acquire the skills necessary for success in the regular academic program.  Students who demonstrate aptitudes and abilities that are further developed than those of his or her classmates will receive extension and enrichment activities within the regular classroom.

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