CIS Chess Club Success
CIS Chess Club Success

The Second Annual Cayman Chess Tournament was held on Saturday, January 27 at the George Town Public Library. The CIS Chess Club attended for the first time this year, as last year we had just organized our club. CIS was well represented with ten of the fourteen participants in the Junior Tournament coming from CIS. Our very own Max H. in Grade 8 won first place overall in the Junior Tournament. Other members of the team scored well, and all had a very enjoyable day advancing their understanding of the game and gaining an appreciation for the skills and strategies needed for success.  The following students participated in the tournament:

Grade 2     Charlotte D.

                  Aden D.

                   Fox W. 

Grade 4     Daniel G.

                  Laia S.

                  Rhea S.

Grade 5     Skyla C.

                  Jacob D.

                  Rhys M.

Grade 8     Max H.

Our thanks to Mr. Wise, who coaches the CIS Thursday team, and Ms. Gini, who provides valuable assistance and supervision. Many thanks go to Cayman Chess Team coach, Anzel Laubscher, who organized the tournament. Ms. Anzel also coaches chess when she comes to the CIS library on Wednesday afternoons.

Again, all students are welcome to come to D10 on Thursdays. We look forward to the continued growth and interest in chess at CIS!