CIS International Night 2018
CIS International Night 2018
On Wednesday, February 7th, the CIS community came together for our annual International Night celebration. 
Our theme this year was the Winter Olympics, so the evening kicked off with an opening ceremony – students from Grades 4 to 12 carried flags representing many of the nationalities here at CIS, and then Stella S, a record-setting sprinter in our Grade 3 class, carried the Olympic flame past all the flag-bearers and up to light the Olympic torch and declare the festivities open.

Once inside the ARC, students, teachers, parents, and friends were treated to food from all around the world, music from our Steel Pan Band and Grade 4 drummers, and a wonderful array of colourful and creative displays showcasing the different countries and regions participating in this year’s Olympics. Outside, our student coaches taught the younger visitors a sport from the region they were representing.

To make the whole event happen, our Grade 11 and 12 students took the lead and guided the younger students through the planning and preparation process. This provides a fantastic opportunity for our older students to develop their leadership skills, and for our younger students to collaborate with those in different grade levels. We hope to continue growing and enriching our student collaboration initiatives in coming years, and this is a fantastic example of how much our students are able to achieve when they work together.

International Night is a chance for us to appreciate, celebrate and learn about the truly international nature of our school here at CIS, and a great night was had by all!