CIS Sailors Compete in DART Spring Regatta
CIS Sailors Compete in DART Spring Regatta

The first ever Youth Sailing Week (YSW) ended with a bang over the long weekend at the Cayman Islands Sailing Club (CISC).  Young sailors, aged 10 to 18,  from 6 countries (Belgium, Ireland, the US Virgin Islands, Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos and the Cayman Islands), endured the relentless rain and cool conditions to compete in the DART Spring Regatta.  Despite the wet weather, the sailors enjoyed the strong winds, and their development benefitted greatly from the challenging racing conditions.  Spectators delighted in the fierce competition, watching the lead change hands several times in each race; strategy, strength and stamina playing major factors out on the course.  Eight sailors from CIS competed, and after 7 races over 2 days, were proud of their results:

Laser Fleet

3rd Place – Ava H.

Opti Championship Fleet

1st Place  - Matheo C.

4nd Place – George H.

6th Place – Jaspar N.

Opti Green Fleet  (beginner racing group)

3rd Place – Kazimir B.

7th Place - Allie C.

9th Place – Olivia S.

10th Place – Sienna S.

The DART Spring Regatta was the culmination of the Youth Sailing Week which also featured intense training clinics lead by European coaches, 8 Days a Week, as well as CISC coaches, the Compass Marine Pico Regatta for the most junior sailors, a demonstration of Cayman's unique sailing heritage with the Catboat race on the holiday Monday, and plenty of opportunities for the sailors to enjoy the comradery of their newly formed friendships. 

Youth Sailing is strong in Cayman and the fleet is gaining strength and recognition on the international stage.  The fleet's next overseas regatta is in Austin Texas, June 1 to 3.  Seven sailors will represent Cayman, some competing in their first overseas regatta, others vying for podium finishes.  The national team (including Ava H, George H, Matheo C and J Nielsen) is preparing for the North American Championships to be held in Mexico (for Optis) and Texas (for Lasers) in early summer.  George H and Matheo C will also represent the Cayman Islands at the Opti World Championships at the end of August in Cyprus.  Their training program includes racing at the British Nationals and Irish Nationals prior to the World Championships.