Secondary Students Take Service Trip to Costa Rica
Secondary Students Take Service Trip to Costa Rica

Last week, many of our high school students chose to participate in the CIS Service Trip to Costa Rica. We spent many hours providing service for two schools and a community center in La Lucha and La Fortuna. Some of our tasks included sanding and varnishing desks, tables and chairs, painting classrooms and building a fence. We also spent time white water rafting, zip-lining through the rain forest canopy, and visiting an organic farm where we learned about the cheese making process. So many great skills were practiced and used on this exciting service trip. Students had to use teamwork while they provided service and paddled down the Pacuare river. Students practiced their Spanish skills with members of the community and students from the schools we visited. This trip encouraged students to take risks, whether it be zip-lining in the rain more than 300 feet in the air, or trying new foods. Culturally, the students learned three different dances: Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata. New friendships were made as students got to know and interact with students of different grade levels. Overall, the trip was a wonderful experience for all involved.  

Caylem, Grade 10: "I will remember all the fun I had and will appreciate all I have way more because I didn't realize how much I had until this trip and I am very thankful for it."

Joe, Grade 10:  "I took in every aspect of Costa Rica I could. From waking up in the early morning sunshine, to the rainy nights and building dams with the buds, it was all adventure. Due to no connections to the outside world, my body and brain became wireless. I came away with a new love for being off my phone and actually just being aware of what is around me and how to have fun without technology."

Nicolas, Grade 10: "The trip was a very fulfilling experience for all the students that went on the trip and it was sooooo much fun. If I could participate in it again, I would definitely do so."

Noah, Grade 10: "It was really cool seeing the places where Costa Rican people live and go to school and work, just having that inside look at what someone else's life looks like."

Zoe, Grade 10: "The point of this trip was to see that every part of the world is different and doing this trip gives us a new appreciation for our part of the world and their part. However, the service aspect do not only allows us to help enrich a community, but it gives us the opportunity to build our character by developing empathy."

Vitoria, Grade 11: "Aside from the vibrant greenery and tropical animals, the people of Costa Rica and the members of Global Works were so welcoming and warm that I feel as if I made a genuine connection." 

Halle, Grade 9: "When we were at El Futuro, the first thing we did when we got there is we painted games on a square concrete floor. While we were doing it the kids were really intrigued in what we were doing, once some of the games dried many kids started playing on them.Which warmed my heart, because it showed me how grateful the kids were to get games, that they could play every day at school."

Tahiti, Grade 9: "Making new friends really enhanced the river rafting and ziplining experiences. As we rowed down rapids of low and high levels and zipped across bright green canopies, I sat next to people that I now carry exciting memories with."

Sophia, Grade 12: "Costa Rica was an amazing experience where I got to meet my family, practice my Spanish, do service and go on some amazing adventures!! This was my last ever trip with CIS and it is for sure one I will never forget!"