Staff Spotlight: Ms. Nimmi
Staff Spotlight: Ms. Nimmi

Hometown: I was born and brought up in a small town in the State of Andhra Pradesh, in the Southern part of India.

Years in Education: I have spent many, many years in education, which have passed by very fast and by wearing many hats – invigilator, adult literacy educator, substitute teacher for all schools on the island, special needs teacher, tutor, administrative assistant, administrator ....

What or who inspired you to become an educator?

My father  --  even though I didn't want to do anything with education and was an unmotivated student, passing time in the classrooms reading and doing everything that was unrelated to class with barely-passing grades, my father always called me 'professor'! After graduation, he convinced me to start working towards a graduate thesis. This was interrupted (to my great pleasure) by my husband's move to Jamaica. Out of sheer boredom, I started helping neighborhood kids with their homework and that sparked my interest  to help children with special educational needs. So I stumbled upon something that I cared for very much for about 35 years.

What brought you to Grand Cayman? 

My husband's one month short-term job as an Orthopedic Surgeon to Cayman Brac!

What was your vision for the school when you and Dr. Faulkner founded FA about 24 years ago? 

When I helped Dr. Faulkner start Faulkner Academy, I had no i-d-e-a that the school would grow into something so big! We had more kids in the tutorial program than in the school and I thought it would just stay that way!

What do your grandchildren call you? What would they say is their favorite thing about you?

Vihaan (my 5 year old grandson) and Arvin (my 2.5 year old grandson) call me "Naamma" Presents, of course 😊 The boys enjoy their story time with "Naamma".

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are? 

In my mind, I don't feel any older than when I first arrived on the island 34 years ago, but when I see my grade one students coming in to CIS to enroll their children, then I wonder where the time has gone!

What are you most looking forward to about retirement? 

Most of my family lives in the US and India. I am looking forward to spending time with them, especially my mom and mom-in-law.

What will you miss most about CIS? 

So many things!! The wonderful staff, the energy of the students, supporting parents, the beautiful setting - to name a few. I've developed so many close relationships over the years at CIS and will miss seeing and being with everyone, everyday.