Students Launch Mangrove Education & Restoration Project
Students Launch Mangrove Education & Restoration Project

In line with CIS's sustainability principle, Grade 11 has launched a mangrove education and restoration project, The Grove Zone, and is hoping to work with various local organizations as well as other members of the CIS community. Our goals are to spread awareness, mitigate our impact, protect what we have, and hopefully help to restore some of Cayman's mangroves. We will also be collaborating with the Grade 2 students who are studying the mangroves, and we look forward to working with them to help preserve and protect our local environment.

Mangroves protect the shoreline from the waves and winds that originate from storms, and this serves as a huge line of defense during our wet season. Not only that, but mangroves can be thanked for our beautiful waters because they mitigate erosion and improve the quality and clarity of the water.

However, the mangroves in Cayman are not always treated with the level of care which they deserve - they suffer deforestation due to construction, and the ones that do remain are being polluted. Many of our local mangroves were destroyed during Hurricane Ivan, and sadly they have never been given the chance to recover which leaves our coastline at risk if a similar storm were to hit.

Grade 11 and Grade 2 are committed to taking care of our mangroves, and we are asking for support from the CIS community. Please keep an eye out for our upcoming fundraisers and website launch, and be sure to spread the word on how important these natural habitats are to our island!

The Grove Zone