Principal Welcome Letter

Dear Families,

The Early Childhood School at CIS is intentionally designed to serve students in the foundational years of Pre-K2 through Pre-K4. As the earliest entry point to school for many of our students, we are keenly aware of the course-setting for learning that takes place in early childhood. Children in our program learn to love school, learning, and building relationships. With the nature of early childhood firmly in mind, we center our approach to teaching and learning on a simple tenet: love and care for children above all else.

Child development is an amazing process that we are lucky to witness with wonder and support with sensitivity. Our program is dynamic and experiential because so much growth and change take place in early childhood. In the early years, we are finely attuned to the journey each child undertakes when they come through our doors. We treasure and scaffold the many milestones that children attain whether in their social and emotional lives, gross and fine motor skills, literacy and numeracy understanding, as well as the seemingly quotidian growth that we make sure to notice and celebrate as well.

Our educators are highly skilled at working with and in support of the pace that each child needs. Our early childhood program is supported by the research-based curriculums and practices of HighScope and Reggio Emilia. These approaches guide teachers to create inquiry-rich environments for children to engage in their learning with self-directed agency.

To walk through our classrooms is to experience what true child-centered and play-based learning is meant to be. The sights and sounds of both our nurturing indoor and expansive outdoor spaces tell a vivid story of making meaning of the world through curiosity, discovery, and healthy doses of exploration.

Since we support the youngest CIS learners, we are cognizant of how paramount the success of transitions is in setting a bright path forward. Whether those transitions occur from home to school, year to year, or class to class, the Early Childhood School curates a learning experience that prepares students for years to come in their educational journey. To put it simply, the early childhood years provide groundbreaking opportunities that enrich the lives of our children. We cannot do this work in service of our students without the partnership of each and every family. We thank you for working with us to live up to our Community Principles of kindness, partnership, sustainability, and good intent.

With gratitude,

Katherine Huamani

Early Childhood Principal


Katherine Huamani
Early Childhood Principal


Meet the Team

Anna Haydon
Early Childhood Program Coordinator