Learning in Early Childhood

Language of Learning

Early Childhood to High School uses the same definition of learning. For our youngest learners in Pre-K2 to Pre-K4, we use the terms Head, Hands, and Heart to signify conceptual, competency, and character learning. We create an intentional balance between Head (academic pursuits and thinking), Hands (competence and making a difference), and Heart  (character and well-being).

Nature of Learning

Children learn to communicate, collaborate, share, empathize, and listen; seek personal and social meaning in learning experiences; and to connect what they have learned to themselves and the world.

Ownership of Learning

Children in Early Childhood are supported to gain independence and agency in learning  to reach their full potential at each stage of development.

Context of Learning

Our youngest students  learn through participation in real-world experiences dedicated to inquiry, problem-solving, and creativity. Children learn about their own identity and that of others in their families, local and global communities.