Welcome to elementary school

The Elementary School program at Cayman International School applies a challenging and integrated academic curriculum to provide students with a sound foundation for future learning. By empowering our students to be active learners and critical thinkers we seek to build their confidence and encourage a deep joy of learning.

A daily schedule of core subjects in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies is complemented by weekly specialist classes in art, music, physical education, swimming, Spanish, STEAM, and library time.  Driven by inquiry, teachers frequently take advantage of our unique island location to provide students’ with rich inspiring contexts for learning including outdoor learning, field trips, community service, and interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning (PBL) units which happen twice a year at each grade level.   In Elementary, students and teachers use Seesaw to document learning across the various subject areas and to communicate regularly with parents and engage them in their child’s learning.

These outstanding learning experiences are achieved by creating strong grade level and subject area teaching teams and providing teams with a schedule that encourages collaboration. Curriculum and planning in elementary school is done based upon the American Common Core Standards and the school’s Definition of Learning, Learning Principles and Community Principles, as outlined on the Learning Overview page.  

In Lower Elementary School (Kindergarten - Grade 2), our program emphasizes the development of strong foundational English, Math and Science literacy skills as well as fine and gross motor skills, among other more specific objectives described in our curriculum. 

In Upper Elementary School (Grades 3-5), our program seeks to prepare students for success in middle school and beyond. Students are empowered with opportunities to experience and demonstrate ownership over their learning, positive communication with peers and adults, partnership in academic and athletic activities, and leadership within the school and the community

As learning is not simply an intellectual endeavor; we place equal emphasis on the social and emotional development of each child. Our small class sizes and high teacher-to-student ratio allow us to truly know and support the children we serve -- their needs, their passions and their developing capabilities. We have two elementary counselors who work with students and staff to create a safe, responsive and caring environment.

Additionally, teachers work collaboratively across the whole school to provide a smooth transition process from the Early Childhood program to Kindergarten, from one elementary grade level to the next, and from Grade 5 to Middle School.