Principal Welcome Letter

On behalf of our elementary staff,  it is my pleasure to welcome new, returning and prospective students and their families to our amazing campus and school.

I want to thank parents and teachers for the supportive and collaborative spirit that is so prevalent in our school.  Mother Teresa stated “In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love”. This is particularly true for schools, where it is the culmination of many individual “smaller” learning moments and the strong partnership between parents and teachers over the years that ensures our students are ready to do “great” things with their lives.   It has been great to be a part of a community where students, teachers, and parents care for each other and strive to build meaningful relationships that support academic and social-emotional growth.

While there is so much to celebrate, there is always more work to do.  Just like our own lives, schools are always a work in progress.  Each new school year brings new and exciting opportunities to build and improve our program.   The strength of our school is that our staff welcomes these new opportunities to grow and collaborate. I look forward to this ongoing collaboration with students, staff, and parents.

As usual, if you ever need anything or have any questions email me or better yet, come speak with me in the fire lane any time before or after school.


Dr. Martin Thomas

Elementary School Principal

Dr. Martin Thomas
Elementary School Principal


Adrienne Waller
Elementary School Assistant Principal (Grades K - 2)
Angela Hernandez
Elementary School Assistant Principal
(Grades 3 - 5)

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