Welcome to middle school

Using our Learning and Community Principles as the guide, our programs, classes, and interactions with children reflect a commitment to the whole child. Students of middle school age are in an extremely important developmental stage of their lives. They are constantly making important choices which are connected to developing a sense of self and identity. It is paramount that we recognize this and work with children as guides, mentors, and coaches, not simply as teachers concerned solely with academic achievement. As such, the culture we actively build in the middle school is one of collaboration, not compliance. For such a culture to exist and thrive, relationships are the foundation. This starts with the relationship between students and teachers, peers, and extends to staff and families. In order to foster such relationships we explicitly teach and reference our Community Principles that include the importance of kindness, assuming good intent, acting in sustainable ways, and the value and purpose of partnership.

We offer a challenging curriculum that meets children where they are. In addition to the traditional subjects and a robust arts, technology, and physical education program, we offer built-in time each day to provide both individualized academic support and extension opportunities. Because we know that we are preparing our students for an unknown and ever-changing world, we place a heavy emphasis on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning. This is illustrated by a team-taught course at each grade level designed to tackle complex issues that have both global and local Caymanian significance. 

In addition to a rich curriculum during the day, we offer myriad opportunities for co-curricular learning after school. This includes the traditional sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball, as well as activities like robotics and debate. Each grade level engages in a multi-day class trip/experience during  the year that integrates service and encourages a deeper understanding of local Caymanian culture and history.