Learning in Middle School


All learning at CIS is guided by our Learning Principles. First, no matter the class or content, we share a clear, common language for learning, starting with the CIS definition of learning. This allows us to communicate with children and parents in a way that creates cohesion and clarity. Next, we work hard to engage students in learning that matters. By placing the content of our courses in rich, relevant contexts, we make sure that students understand the why of their learning. 

When this becomes the norm, the likelihood that students take ownership of their learning and choices increases. Helping our students to become self-regulated learners is paramount to their success not only at CIS, but in all walks of life. Finally, because we know that learning is not simply an intellectual endeavor, we place equal emphasis on the social and emotional development of each child. This occurs not only through integrating character learning into our units of study, but also by providing built-in, comprehensive support structures for children to seek help, receive encouragement, set goals, and take risks.

Program of Learning