It is a place where students study, learn, play, and support each other. The warm and inviting environment, caring and committed teachers, and helpful and involved parents ensure that students are provided an excellent education.

The Elementary School at CIS encompasses Kindergarten through Grade 5. The students in these grades are grouped together for academic and social purposes. The goal of the CIS elementary program is to provide students with a sound foundation for future learning. The program focuses on the child as an active learner, with the curriculum designed to cover all basic skills, as well as to emphasize critical thinking. The ultimate goal of the program is to prepare students to be responsible, productive citizens in a rapidly changing world. Teachers work collaboratively to provide a smooth transition process from the Early Childhood Program to Kindergarten, from one elementary grade level to the next, and from Grade 5 to Middle School. The homeroom teacher is the key contact for parents and provides the primary means of communication between the home and the school.

Melissa Kay, Elementary Principal

Leanne Wright-Gray

Leanne Wright-Gray, Elementary Assistant Principal