Early Childhood: Pre-K2 to Pre-K4

*Pre-K2 was formerly called Nursery

Visitors to the Early Childhood division quickly notice our joy filled environment where children love going to school!

Our Early Childhood Education program is research based. We believe that children thrive with student inspired learning experiences, collaborative interactions, and opportunities for self-expression. To achieve this we curate a caring play-based environment that promotes the power of play as the best means for cognitive, academic, social and physical development.

We celebrate that children are all unique and develop at their own pace. At CIS students are immersed in a culture of inquiry that respects individuality while also establishing a collaborative learning environment in both small and larger groups.

Our work is supported by the HighScope Curriculum and the practices of the Reggio Emilia approach. Teachers observe student interest and create rich experiential learning opportunities, which help children learn about themselves, their local  and global communities. Foundations for and the development of  literacy, math and science skills emerge progressively and at developmentally appropriate level. 

Our students see themselves as learners and inquirers. As one student said, “Today I’m a scientist because I collected skin, palm fronds, feathers, and all sorts of protective coverings.” Another child described themselves as an author asking, “Can I read you the book I wrote about my family?” and shared with pride their published book filled with emergent writing and drawings. 

We believe in the value of diversity and inclusion and actively work to provide opportunities for children to experience a window onto other cultures and a mirror onto their own culture by sharing. We encourage families to connect with us to share important traditions, holidays, and the many different ways that family structures exist.  By learning about ourselves and others’ we begin the valuable process of open minded inquiry valuing and learning from one another. 

Our state- of-the-art Early Childhood facility, which opened in the Fall of 2019,  supports the unique needs of our youngest learners in a safe, nurturing environment.  Our students enjoy Spanish, library, swimming, perceptual motor classes, and daily outdoor play and exploration in our shaded playground. 

The Early Childhood years is a critical window of rapid development; we recognize the importance that we are often a child’s first school experiences. Experts in child development and passionate about our work, we set the stage for positive approaches to learning to develop lifelong learners. 

I look forward to connecting with families to share our approach to Early Childhood education.

In partnership,

Melody Meade

Early Childhood Principal