Jack M.

The University of Michigan

Jack has been a Member of the CIS Basketball Team since 10th grade and due to that has participated in numerous tournaments on island and abroad in Ecuador. In addition Jack was also a member of the CIS Football team in 10th grade considered a rising star at the time he was forced into retirement due for personal reasons leaving many to wonder would could have been though his signature play the McGregor Special lives on. In addition Jack has been a member of the CIS Robotics team which has competed in tournaments on both Cayman and Jamaica the team boasts a perfect undefeated record and Jack’s exceptional leadership and skill with all things robotics is often cited as the main cause. Due to this he was also chosen to travel to Dubai to represent Cayman and to showcase his exceptional qualities to the international community. Finally Jack is often a member of the local Chapter of the NHS at CIS  a position he sometimes forgets at 3:15 on Tuesdays. Due to these exemplary qualities and an undisclosed ransom Jack will be attending the University of Michigan this fall to study Engineering.