Student Life

Students have access to a wide variety of activities while enrolled at Cayman International School. They can engage in various levels of sports, arts, clubs, leadership, and other extra-curricular activities. CIS believes that school is more than just an academic experience, it involves a complete learning experience with aspects outside of the classroom.

Meet Bob Iguana- CIS's official mascot!

The PTA sponsored a logo design competition in Fall 2009 and CIS students, faculty and parents submitted entries. The award winning design on the right by Ms.Annarie (Previous Teacher, Performing Arts) is featured in the CIS weekly newsletter as well as promotional items and school memorabilia.

The Blue Iguana is a endangered species in the Cayman Islands. In 2010, CIS sponsored a blue iguana named Bob with the National Trust. Since then, Bob has become an important member of the CIS community and makes regular appearances at events.

Bob Iguana,

Cayman International School Mascot