Performing Arts
Steel Pan

At CIS we inspire all students from Pre-K to Grade 12 to explore and deepen their skills in a variety of performing arts. Students become involved in multiple ensembles and groups that build strong community bonds within our school.

Pre-K Students are enlightened by our teachers with lively songs and dances that give them a music foundation to build on in the following years. They are involved in small assemblies and shows during the holiday seasons and pre-summer performances.

Early Childhood and Elementary

Primary Performing ArtsPrimary students engage in vast levels of musical learning, ranging from basic music theory to developing more complex dancing and singing techniques. They begin their foundation for instrumental performance through playing ukulele, mallet instruments, drums, and recorder. Students from this level are given the option for extra-curricular lessons after school for piano, voice, and guitar. Please visit for more information.



Steel Pan BandOur secondary school encourages students to expand their performing arts experiences, through a large selection of opportunities. During school, students from grade 6-8 have the option to participate in either Band or Choir, which allows them to develop their skills in either their instrumental or vocal techniques. If they wish to continue, a high school Choir, and Band, that combines 9-12th graders. To further their music education, students have the option to take higher or standard level IB Music in grades 11-12. This involves a rigorous 2 years of music theory, history, and performance development that prepares students for potential careers in music or to become well-versed musicians. Students from this level are given the option for extra-curricular lessons with specialist teachers in all band instruments and voice. Please visit for more information.


Cayman Private School Association Music Festival
PSA Music Festival

Throughout the school year, all choir and band students are able to participate in the Cayman Private School Association Music Festival, held at CIS. During the event, clinicians from around the world come to inspire the students to perform together in a 300+ member group consisting of nearly all private schools on the island. After the festival, students return to their schools with a new level of experience that only the festival can provide.

Outside of school hours, students have a vast diversity of ensembles and groups they are able to join. These include a Pep Band, Jazz Band, Rock Band(s), Steel Pan Band(s). All ensembles perform throughout that year and the list continues to grow.

CIS Musical

Once on This IslandStudents have the option to audition for a musical during the year; a secondary musical in the fall and a primary musical in the spring. Previous musicals that CIS has performed: Peter Pan Jr., Annie Jr., Seussical Jr., Dig it!, and Once on This Island Jr. Students work diligently throughout the semester to present a high-quality performance in front of their parents, friends, and peers.

Music Events Held Annually at CIS
  • Fall Secondary Musical
  • Winter Concert
  • Cayman Private School Association Music Festival
  • CIS OnStage (Talent Show)
  • End of Year Concert
  • Various assemblies throughout the year