2020-21 School Hours


Drop Off Begins

Classes Begin Pick Up
1/2 Day Nursery 7:45 8:20 11:45
Nursery 7:45 8:20 2:30
Pre-K3 / Pre-K4 7:45 8:20 2:30
ES (K-2) 7:45 8:00 2:45
ES (3-5) 7:45 8:00 3:00
Secondary 7:45 7:55 3:15

**If you are unable to pick up your child at their designated dismissal time, they will automatically be registered for After School Care (Pack-Up-&-Play).  Our program ends at 5:30pm and we ask that all children are collected by this time.  Parents are required to sign the register when collecting their child. Please note that the drop in fee is not applicable to pre-registered children. 

Drop-off/Pick-up Zones and Parking Information

Visitor Parking
  • Roadside parking on the North and East Side of campus.
  • Early Childhood or Dart parking lots, in front of Early Childhood.
EC Parents
  • Park in EC Lot and drop-off and pick-up by foot from Zone  A
  • EC students with siblings in the elementary division may be picked-up at 2:30 or remain under supervision at EC until 3:00 if requested, to align with pick-up times of older siblings. Parents are asked to keep the same routine and notify your child’s teacher in advance if there are changes to pick-up times.
ES Parents
  • Parents who wish to walk their child to the drop off point must use Zone B or C. 
  • Parents may park either in the EC Lot or along the North Road (between basketball courts and security hut)
  • Students who can enter on their own may go through any entry point.
  • Zone D or E are for car drop off only, no parking.
  • For pickup, all elementary students will be picked-up from Zone B or C, more specific details will be shared by the homeroom teacher before August 26th
MS and HS
  • To reduce congestion during arrival and departure, if possible drop-off and pick-up students in Dart lot (indicated on map). Otherwise use any of the designated spots (B, C, D, E).