Uniform Information

Each CIS student (except for Pre-K2) is required to wear a uniform which helps create a comfortable and focused learning environment and identifies students as part of our school community.


Lightly Used Uniforms:
Becky's Closet Uniform Orders:
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Phone number: +1 (345) 938-1111
Lands' End Uniform Orders:

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Uniform Suppliers

Off-Island Uniform Supplier

Our off-island uniform supplier is Land's End. You can find more information about the ordering process by looking through the linked documents below:

IMPORTANT: You will need to ship your orders to your own freight forwarding company's address or your own personal address. Do not use Cayman International School's address, as we do not receive/handle any packages on behalf of families. Thank you for your understanding.

On-Island Uniform Supplier

We are proud to share that we have found an on-island uniform supplier. Becky's Closet will be providing school uniforms for the 2024-2025 school year. You can learn more about the ordering process in the document linked below:

Please note that if you wish to order uniforms in advance all orders need to be in by January 30th. An online ordering platform is not yet available, but should be up and running by September 2024.