Uniform Information

Each CIS student (except for Pre-K2) is required to wear a uniform which helps create a comfortable and focused learning environment and identifies students as part of our school community.

The official uniform for PreK3 through Grade 5 consists of a short sleeved white or blue performance interlock polo shirt or dry fit polo with the CIS logo and khaki bottoms. Certain events may specify one or the other colored short- sleeve polo shirt so ensure you have at least one of each color. Lands’ End has made long sleeve polo shirts in white or cobalt blue with the CIS logo available. This is an acceptable alternative shirt for parents who want more sun protection or want their child to have long sleeves for cooler days.

The official uniform for Secondary students is the blue Oxford shirt and khaki bottoms.

Only the official school uniform styles as represented by Lands’ End are allowed.

IMPORTANT: You will need to ship your orders to your own freight forwarding company's address or your own personal address. Do not use Cayman International School's address, as we do not receive/handle any packages on behalf of families. Thank you for your understanding.