CIS Facilities

Cayman International School was founded as Faulkner Academy in 1994. CIS completed a major expansion project, adding a new state of the art Early Childhood Centre (opened in 2019) and a cutting-edge High School building (opened in January 2021) with a double gymnasium, library, common area and performing arts spaces. The current purpose-built campus is on 22 acres and features a 206,000 sq. ft. of indoor learning spaces spanning four different buildings. It consists of a library, STEAM Lab, computer/video production lab, two science labs, two music rooms, two art rooms, two student support centers, 42 classrooms, an amphitheater and an administration building. In addition, the school has a full sized, artificial turf soccer pitch with a FIFA 2-Star rating, a swimming pool, two tennis courts and two basketball courts. CIS has become widely recognized in international education circles, and this remarkable expansion project will further its growing reputation for excellence.


CIS Aerial Rendering

Early Childhood

Building Opened in August 2019

Our early childhood facility opened in August 2019 and creates a bespoke learning environment for our youngest learners here at CIS.  The serene Prek2, PreK3 and PreK4 classrooms can be viewed from an L-shaped airy corridor and are purpose built for child-led inquiry, learning through play and support our High Scope Curriculum.  Each classroom leads onto self-contained open-air teaching terraces, which again connect to our state-of-the-art early childhood outdoor playground space.  The playground integrates nature with world-class early childhood facilities.  Pathways wind around three sandpit areas, a small hill with a built-in slide, a safe wooden climbing structure and access to bikes and scooters.  The early childhood library, music and movement, and perceptual motor (early years Physical Education) classrooms can be accessed from this stunning outside area.

Elementary School

Main School Building (Classic Wing) Opened in 2006

The main school building (now referred to as the Classic Wing) was opened in 2006. Initially, it housed all divisions, however, since the school expansion the lower and upper floors of the A, B and C blocks currently exclusively serve the kindergarten through fifth grade classes. The ground floor classrooms open onto picturesque and shaded courtyards.  Our Elementary A, B and C blocks house our STEAM Lab, Art and Music Classrooms, which have high quality resources updated yearly by Educators, including devices per child.  The elementary library had new flooring installed in the summer of 2022 and has a wide range of high-quality children's literature, reading resources and inviting quiet reading spaces.  Additionally, all elementary students have access to the main elementary playground, featuring four climbing structures including a natural wooden ascending frame (installed in 2019).  The ARC (Activities and Recreation Center) combines a large gymnasium and performing arts stage.  This is utilized by elementary students for Physical Education lessons, as a lunchtime cafeteria area and for concerts and divisional assemblies.   

Middle School

Main School Building (Classic Wing) Opened in 2006

The Middle School at CIS is a natural progression up the open air corridors of the main buildings (Classic Wing). Middle school classrooms are found on the lower and upper floors of D, E and F Block. Most open onto a picturesque shaded courtyard and sunken miniature amphitheater. Grades six, seven and eight have access to the new high school gymnasium, high school music classrooms and black box theatre, high school commons and cafeteria areas, as well as the Elementary and Middle School Library spaces and resources. State of the art science laboratories, a STEAM and Art rooms are all integral to the high quality learning spaces in the Middle School.  

High School

Building Opened in January 2021

The high school building opened in January 2021 and was created as a transformative educational environment that enhances deeper learning by providing students opportunities to engage in constructivist activities in a variety of spaces. The first-floor commons are a flexible, open and welcoming room that can be used as a cafeteria as well as divided into smaller educational work areas. The first-floor commons also houses interconnecting art and makerspace studios with state-of-the-art design-technology machines.  The second and third floors combine serene classrooms opening onto shared collaborative commons areas, as well as a purpose built high-ceilinged modern library with a variety of study nooks and bespoke seating. The high school additionally boasts a large gymnasium, black box theater space, performing arts stage, music and movement choir room as well as a variety of music practice rooms and a fitness room specifically intended to enhance high school students' health and wellbeing. Overall, the innovative design of the high school promotes collaboration, enables inquiry-based and project-based learning, and creates an atmosphere of excellence for all students.

Facilities Expansion History