Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice & Belonging

Mission Statement

CIS is committed to building an educational environment that cultivates a diverse, inclusive and equitable community.  We challenge ourselves to regularly evaluate and refine curricula, policies, and practices and commit the appropriate resources to ensure we embody these beliefs everyday.
Recognizing the ongoing and dynamic nature of the DEIJB journey, we acknowledge the significance of integrating best practices at the heart of our community to foster sustainability and continuous development we work on the DEIJB agenda in three main areas:
  • Education of our faculty and staff
  • Education and involvement of our students
  • Engagement and support of our families

Statement of Accountability

All students deserve the opportunity to get an education in a nurturing and safe environment where they feel a genuine sense of belonging. Building and promoting DEIJB in schools among, with students, staff and parents, can lead to a more welcoming and supportive learning environment for all students, regardless of their background, culture, or identity.  This, in turn, can improve student achievement and well-being, as well as reduce the likelihood of, or long-term harm caused by, discrimination, prejudice, and harassment. 
Therefore, we hold ourselves accountable to:
  • Creating and maintaining a safe and inclusive learning environment where all students, staff, and families feel valued, respected, and supported.
  • Providing equitable access to educational opportunities, resources, and support services for all students, regardless of their background, identity, or ability.
  • Identifying and addressing biases and barriers that may prevent students from achieving academic success or feeling included in the school community.
  • Recruiting, hiring, and retaining a diverse staff that reflects the backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of our students and community.
  • Providing ongoing professional development opportunities for staff to deepen their understanding of DEIJB principles and practices, and to cultivate their skills in promoting inclusive and equitable learning environments.
  • Regularly evaluating and assessing our progress in promoting DEIJB values, through staff and student surveys, and making changes and improvements as needed.
  • Holding regular and open DEIJB staff and student committee meetings
  • Ensuring Caymanian Culture & Heritage education is a priority
  • Conducting DEIJB-focussed curriculum audits and work to integrate DEIJB standards into unit plans
  • Ensuring the school's Leadership Team remains committed
  • Planning events that promote diversity and inclusion
  • Acknowledging that the DEIJB journey is ongoing and requires continual learning

The DEIJB Student Engagement group strives to promote a safe learning environment for all students. We want to help students by celebrating their diversity, supporting justice, giving students a place to belong, making equitable decisions, and including others by building lasting connections in a positive way.