Our mission is to
Connect | Inspire | Serve.
We are a positive community with passionate learners.

Vision Statement

We are a positive school community strengthened by our international diversity. We find common ground in a shared commitment to learning that connects ideas and people, challenges us to grow, and inspires us to better ourselves and our world. We use principles to guide our journey and recognize that preparing for and shaping the future starts with embracing the opportunities that surround us each day.

At Cayman International School, our vision statement is viewed not as a set of unattainable ideals, but as a foundation guiding each of our daily activities. It is the careful expression of our hopes for our alumni and our community, and a set of active principles upon which we act every day to realize our highest potential.

In pursuit of excellence, our students, staff and families work together to create a culture in which all our members can flourish. We provide a caring and supportive atmosphere in which each of our students is respected and valued, so that they will respect and value others. We deliver a rich and engaging education, so that our alumni will be inspired as life-long learners who value dedication to hard work and the successes it brings. We nurture creativity, curiosity and collaboration so that they will be passionate about learning, leaders in their communities and fulfilled in their own lives. We strive for high achievement in academics, sport, music and the arts, so that they will be balanced, healthy individuals, empowered to share their best and deepest thoughts.

Together, we work to build on our successes every day. We are an international school of excellence, standing as a model of innovative and progressive education.

In everything we do, we are directed by familiar but forward-thinking values. Our alumni are committed to bettering the world in which they live and practicing all the best qualities of humankind. Above all, they are grateful for and committed to the world around them.

Community Principles

Community Principles

The Kindness Principle

We value kindness. Our kindness is illustrated in all of our interactions: with our own children, with others’ children, with families, with staff, and with administrators. How we communicate with each other is emblematic of our collective kind and caring spirit.

The Partnership Principle

We are strongest when we work together, when we share ideas and resources, and when we partner with the greater Cayman community. A spirit of collaboration not only makes our community stronger, it makes student learning richer by connecting stakeholders in exciting and innovative ways.

The Sustainability Principle

We take into consideration long-term impacts when making decisions. This applies to decisions about programming as well is to our personal and collective behavior. We live on an island with limited resources and our environmental stewardship is essential in keeping it viable and healthy for generations to come.

The Good Intent Principle

We trust that members of our community have what is best for students at heart. When we have disagreements about what is best for children we talk with people, not about people.

Learning Principles

Learning Principles

Language of Learning

We understand that to make learning happen effectively and collectively we need a shared language that describes what learning is and how we do it.

Ownership of Learning

We understand that we are all able to learn and ultimately responsible for our own learning.

Nature of Learning

We understand that learning is emotional as well as cognitive and is both an individual and social experience.

Contexts of Learning

We understand that learning transfer happens best in rich, relevant contexts.


  • CIS shall always meet the requirements for private schools under the Cayman Islands Ministry of Education.
  • CIS will only allow policies, procedures, and behaviors that promote the growth and achievement of students.
  • CIS shall always remain accredited by a U.S. regional agency and other recognized international entities.
  • CIS will not tolerate behavior that diminishes the dignity, self-worth or safety of any individual.
  • CIS programs and services will be consistent with the strategic plan.
  • CIS will only accept and retain those students for whom there is an existing appropriate educational program.
  • CIS decisions will be made based on assuring the school remains fiscally responsible and operates within its own resources.

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