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Dear Elementary Families,

I hope you and your family are enjoying a restful summer vacation.  As we begin to prepare to return for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year I would like to take this moment to share some important updates with you.  

A lot has happened since the pandemic began in March.  According to UNESCO an estimated 1.2 billion children around the world have been affected and currently 143 countries are still impacted by nation-wide closures of schools.  Here in the Cayman Islands,  we have come a long way together over the past few months.  Hospitals adequately prepared, extensive testing conducted, public awareness about basic health precautions developed, travel restrictions for visitors have been extended, and overall, we all have learned a lot more about the virus.  We are definitely fortunate to have had such a long streak of negative cases (keep fingers and toes crossed) on the island and plan to return to campus at the end of August.

While this is all positive, it is important to remember that we continue to operate in a context that is more restrictive than normal due to the pandemic.  Within this context, the “WHY” behind our daily work with students will still be deeply rooted in our Mission (Connect, Inspire, Serve) and Community and Learning Principles.  “WHAT” we teach continues to be a US standards-based curriculum delivered in elementary using strong instructional programs and pedagogies like Balanced Literacy, Writer’s Workshop, Everyday Math, PBL and more.  However, “HOW” we organize ourselves must look somewhat different this year with government regulations and protocols in place, additional supervisory and planning responsibilities for teachers, as well as staffing, budget and time constraints.

To promote the safety of staff, families and the greater community CIS will implement the following COVID-19 Protocols/Procedures in accordance with government regulations.    Please read them carefully as they outline important aspects of the new normal including different drop off and pick up procedures, lunch, mask requirements, among others.

For orientation this year, we are choosing to have fewer groups on campus for health and safety reasons.  These groups include new CIS families, Kindergarten to support their transition from Early Childhood, and Grades 2-4 for device distribution and HLP Orientation.  Please refer to the Weekly Current and our website for detailed information about times, dates, locations and protocols.

We are excited to welcome everyone back to school and really look forward to seeing you all soon.

Dr. Martin Thomas, Elementary School Principal


Dr. Martin Thomas

Elementary School Principal




Leanne Wright-Gray

Elementary Associate Principal