Welcome To CIS

Welcome to the Cayman International School (CIS). We trust that the information we have provided about our school is useful to you. Whether you are a prospective student, family, teacher, staff, or you are currently part of the CIS community, we hope that by reviewing our site you will begin to gain an understanding of the wonderful students, staff and community that make CIS such a special place!

CIS works to provide each of our students  the opportunity to achieve their academic and personal best within an International educational environment that encourages and inspires leadership, character, and community service while embracing cultural diversity. Our robust program of academic, artistic, athletic, pastoral and service components, affords a well rounded and comprehensive experience for our students - culminating with our oldest choosing the CIS Diploma and the International Baccalaureate Diploma - consistently allowing our graduates to attend the best fitting and most respected universities in the world.

CIS is a high-quality,  mission-driven educational institution that is proud of its international diversity and the level of excellence it has achieved. We are a community of educators focused on the extraordinary care and purposeful growth of each child; we are life-long learners who strive to maximize the potential of all students. We are committed to ensuring that CIS students not only receive a first-rate education, but that their lives will be transformed through the experiences they have here.

CIS is governed by International Schools Services, a non-profit organization located in Princeton, New Jersey that is dedicated to managing student-centered, future-oriented, global citizenship-minded schools, students and communities.

CIS attracts and retains highly skilled and qualified teachers from around the world, as well as here in the Cayman Islands. Our collective faculty and staff, partners and parents take pride in our Community Principles and Learning Principles in doing our best to meet the CIS Mission to connect, inspire and serve.

On visiting the CIS campus, the facility, the setting and the palpable positive feel are striking examples of the high level of school quality. The 22 acre campus, including swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis courts, first-rate athletic field, arts venues and state of the art technology, is one of the finest in the Caribbean. The courtyards and gardens provide an ambience that is peaceful and welcoming, and the architecture earned multiple awards for design and efficiency. But at CIS, the beauty is not just skin deep. Our faculty, staff and students represent over 40 nationalities, providing a rich diversity of cultures and perspectives, and the teaching and learning that happens every day is nothing short of inspiring.

I am thrilled about the possibilities that lay before our school this year and in the years to come. Whether you are new to Cayman International School or have been a part of our community for some time, please accept my personal invitation to join us as we prepare our students for the present and future.

See you soon - in partnership,

Jim Urquhart



Jim Urquhart
Director, Cayman International School